Who is 48? 48 is Ireland’s first online youth mobile network.

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Who is 48? 48 is Ireland's first online youth mobile network. Saving you cash so you can spend it on what you want.

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Go Conquer

This is the time to do what you want, play with the rules and have fun. These are the best times ever so it's time to go conquer.

Serious Can Wait

This is the time to enjoy yourself. We're here to help you to celebrate the ups, downs and unique experiences of the best time of your life. Serious can wait.

Never Miss Out

With all this action, funds can be tight. At 48, we cut out the crap to give you the best value mobile deal in town. With all the calls, text, data and unlimited messaging on WhatsApp that you want.

Why is 48 different?

At 48 we do things differently. We've kept things simple and cut out the things you don't want or need.

You're the Boss

You spend what you want, when you want. Pay up front for all your calls, texts and internet; that way you control how much it will cost you each month. Say goodbye to credit anxiety.

It's Simple

Choose a membership that works for you. We've a €10, €15 and a €20 plan, it's that simple. Just decide how much calling or surfing you need to do, or how flush you are feeling.

No Hidden Charges

There are no long contracts filled with loads of sly dog T&C's or pressure to top up by a certain date to get a price plan blah blah blah.

We Live Online

We don't do shops or large call centres. Who wants to listen to bad hold music just to ask a question? Everything you need is on 48months.ie and our 48 Care Crew is online from 9am to 9pm to help just in case.

Free Your Phone

We don't sell handsets, so you'll need to get your phone unlocked. But don't stress, it's not as much hard work as you might think. Check out the 48 Unlock Guide

Quality Network

We're using the Three network, so you'll get the exact same great coverage and quality network as their customers. Check your coverage


So what are you waiting for? Join 48 now.

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