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Unlocking Guide for Meteor

How to contact them

Pre Pay

Ring Meteor on 1800 303 594 to get your unlock code, or dial 1747 on your prepay phone.

Bill Pay

Call Meteor on 1905 from your mobile


Meteor also appear to accept requests through their forum. Just make sure to PM your details to keep them private.

You will need the following information

When you call Meteor you'll need the following details:

  • Name
  • Meteor Mobile phone number
  • Make and Model of phone
  • IMEI (simply type *#06# into your phone and hit call to find out your IMEI)
  • Your PIN number

Meteor's rules

Pre pay

If you're on pre pay, then Meteor say you need to have bought your phone more than 14 days ago, it must be registered to your account at My Meteor, and you must have used at least €130 worth of credit. (You may have registered your phone when you got it to get your free webtext & to top up online)

Bill Pay

For bill pay phones you'll need to have completed your contract and your account can't be in debt or suspended by them.

Also, if you've upgraded with Meteor then they will give you the unlock code for the original phone free of charge.


Check out their rules here


Your others options

Cant't break free from your provider? A third party might be able to help.
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