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How to contact them

The easiest way to get your unlock code is to ring eMobile's customer care line on:

Pre Pay

1800 690 000

Bill Pay

1800 690 000

Any other phone

1800 303 466

You'll need the following information

  • Phone Make
  • Phone Model
  • IMEI (*#06#)
  • Account details

eMobile's rules

Pre Pay

If you're with pre pay then you'll need to have bought your phone more than 14 days ago, registered it, and spent at least €130.

eMobile say that you need to have spent €130 since you bought the phone, but when you try to get your code off them they may tell you that you need to have spent €130 in the last 6 months.

If you haven't spent €130, then they may ask you to pay them the remaining balance before getting the code.

Bill Pay

If you have a bill pay phone then you'll need to have completed your contract and have no outstanding debt on your account.

Also, if you've upgraded and are still in contract for the upgrade then eMobile will only give you the unlock code for your original phone.