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What is unlocking?

This might sound really confusing but unlocking a mobile phone is simply removing it's SIM card restrictions, allowing the phone to use virtually any SIM card from any network in Ireland or anywhere in the world.

What happens is that when you buy your phone, in most cases, it will be locked to that mobile network. This means you can only use it with a SIM card from that mobile operator.

If you decide at some stage to switch to another mobile network but want to keep your handset, you'll need to unlock your handset so it works with the SIM card for your new mobile provider.

So if you want to get your handset unlocked, you actually have a number of options. You can ask the mobile network provider you bought the phone from to do it. If you're out of contract or were given your phone by someone else, you can use a number of unlocking service providers. You'll find high street stores and online businesses who'll do this for a fee.

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