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How to unlock your phone in high street unlocking shops

You've probably been around town and seen phone-repair outlets, computer shops and even key-cutting businesses that offer an unlocking service. A lot live up to the stereotype of neon displays and a range of phone accessories.

Let's face it: many of them look rather shady. The misinformation and general perception that unlocking is illegal, helps build this kind of opinion. There's also the fear that these guys will smash up your phone using screwdrivers and other devices to unlock your phone, but this isn't the case.

  • Professional unlockers use a combination of methods to unlock phones, using cables, clips, codes and even online forums to help them find the right solution for your handset.
  • Costs vary and begin from as little as €10, though are reported to go over €70 for some new handsets such as iPhone 5s.
  • You can expect to have to wait between 15 minutes and one week to get your phone back from high street unlockers.

While this solution involves leaving the house and handing your treasured phone over to a stranger, it remains a popular option due to the convenience of not having to worry yourself with complicated instructions and technically challenging procedures. Prices also tend to be reasonable.

Make sure you ask what method they use as this could affect your warranty. Some use a SIM card that they put in your phone that reads the phones information and updates it. If you opt for this method it will definitely void your warranty.

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