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Can I unlock an iPhone?

Since apple released iOS7, they have added more security to iPhones.

When unlocking an iPhone you have to activate it using iTunes after it has been unlocked.

iPhones with new iOS7 can only be fully activated after unlocking it, if the user knows the iCloud Account Details of the iPhone, or if the iPhone has not been registered to iCloud yet.

If your iPhone is running iOS7 and is tied to an iCloud account, you must know the icloud user details of the iPhone

You should do the following checks before unlocking your iPhone:

  • Is the iphone you are unlocking using iOS7
  • Is the iphone you are unlocking using iCloud?
  • If yes, does the user know their iCloud email address and password?

Without these details you won't be able to activate the iPhone, even after the unlock is completed.

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