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How much does it cost to get my phone unlocked?

Unlocking your phone can cost anything from €0 (nothing, zero, nada, zilch) to almost a hundred euros. Of course, how much you pay really depends on a number of factors such as what your phone is, what network it's locked to, what method you use, and how quickly you need your phone unlocked.

As a rule of thumb, unlocking your phone from a network operator won't cost you. However, if you are on pre pay they will require that you have topped up by a certain amount before they will give you the unlock code. If you are bill pay, and still in your contract term, they will require that you pay the remainder of your contract before they will give you an unlock code.

If going to your network is going to cause problems you can check out an unlocking site or shop, but the cost and how long it will take will vary. For example, it can cost €20 to unlock a Samsung Galaxy Ace online and will usually get the code in a matter of hours. But it can cost anything from €15 to €70 to unlock an iPhone.

Just so that you know, online sites should give you a quote before you order your unlock code. Shop around but be aware that if the price sounds too good to be true it could be a scam.

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