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Other Call Charges

Other Call Charges

Break through all the bullshit! Here at 48 we are upfront about other call charges so you don't have to worry about hidden extras creeping up behind you. Check out our rates for calling numbers like Directory Enquiries, 1890 or 1850. You could also save yourself money with handy sites like www.saynoto1890.com

Premium rate calls

Number Rate
1512 39c per call
1513 80c per call
1514 €1.00 per call
1515 €1.29 per call
1516 €2.00 per call
1517 €2.80 per call
1518 €4.00 per call
1520 32c per minute
1530 60c per minute
1540 95c per minute
1550 €1.49 per minute
1560 €1.80 per minute
1570 €2.54 per minute
1580 €3.40 per minute
1590 €4.00 per minute

Free / Low call

Directory Enquiries and Others

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