Mates Rates: Just Add Friends. Sign up mates to 48 & get credit or cash.

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Score up to €20 free credit each.

To celebrate more data on all our memberships we’re giving you DOUBLE Mates Rates for a limited time. Get your mates signed up to 48 with Mates Rates and we’ll sort you both out with
up to €20 credit each. Win win!

1. Recruit a friend
Cash in with 48! Send 48 SIMS to your friends, hand them out or share online.
2. Your mate becomes a member
Your friends can also order a SIM through your Mates Rates link or website banner.
3. You both get up to €20 credit
Once they get their first membership, you’ll both get your Mates Rates credit straight away. Lovely!

Want to find out more about Mates Rates?

You can only get credit if your friend buys a membership through one of your MatesRates SIMs!
You can order up to 3 SIM cards at a time, but there’s no limit on orders from you SIM order page
Find out more about Mates Rates from the 48 community. They’ve got some great Mates Rates stories