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Go Conquer!

48 is Ireland’s first online mobile network and the first with unlimited messaging on WhatsApp. So come and join us for the best deal out there.

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48 Memberships

At 48 we do things differently. You’ve got the control. So choose a membership that works for you. Pay up front each month for all the calls, text, data and unlimited WhatsApp messaging you want.

All You Want

The Guido


  • 300 mobile minsto any mobile network
  • All texts*to any mobile network
  • 1 GB internet
  • EU RoamingUse your membership allowance & add-ons in the EU
  • Unlimited WhatsApp messaging
  • +60 landline minutes
  • Order a free SIM

The Ultimate Deal

The Don


  • 1,000 mobile minutesto any mobile network
  • All texts*to any mobile network
  • 8 GB internet
  • Unlimited messaging on WhatsApp
  • +60 landline minutes
  • Order a free SIM

*Fair usage policy applies to all texts. There are some other rules you should know too. Find out more. WhatsApp messaging is only available if you have data included (i.e. in your membership plan or if you buy a data add on). You will not be charged for data when you use the WhatsApp messaging service for messages via the app but if you use the voice features on WhatsApp you will incur data charges.

Recruit a friend. Get credit. Simple!

Get your mates signed up to 48 through Mates Rates this summer and we’ll sort you out with up to €10 credit. *We won't forget your friends. Win win!.

Help & Support

Our customer care is all online. Why? Because it gives you quick and easy access to the help you need. No more bad hold music. We've 3 simple options, choose the one which works for you.

  • Check out our FAQs »

    There’s plenty we can do to help, but we find that most issues can be resolved by reading our FAQs.
  • Ask the 48 Community »

    There are plenty of 48ers on the Community who are happy to help out. Simply post your query in the Need Help section for a speedy response.
  • Contact Us »

    Got a question about your account? Ask a 48 Agent for help and they will get back to you within 24 hours.